Interior design & Fitout Project

Interior design &
Fitout Project

Telal Engineering and Contracting is proud to present Telal InDesign, our dedicated division specializing in interior design and fitout projects. With a strong focus on creativity, functionality, and attention to detail, Telal InDesign offers a comprehensive range of capabilities to bring your interior spaces to life.
Our experienced team of designers and consultants works closely with clients to understand their vision, goals, and requirements. We provide expert guidance and advice throughout the design process, ensuring that your interior project reflects your unique style and objectives.
We excel in optimizing space utilization to create efficient and functional interiors. Our experts carefully analyze the layout and flow of your space, ensuring that every square meter is maximized to its fullest potential, whether it's an office, retail space, hospitality establishment, or residential project.
Telal InDesign specializes in translating concepts into captivating designs. We create innovative and tailor-made concepts that integrate your brand identity, cultural influences, and desired ambiance. Our team utilizes the latest design trends and technologies to bring your vision to life, providing visual presentations and detailed plans to ensure a clear understanding of the final result.
We have a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of materials and finishes. Telal InDesign offers guidance in selecting the right materials, fixtures, furnishings, and lighting solutions that enhance the overall aesthetics and functionality of your space. We ensure that the materials chosen align with your project's budget, sustainability goals, and desired quality standards.
Our experienced project management team oversees all aspects of the fitout and construction process. From procurement to installation, we coordinate and execute the project efficiently, ensuring that the highest quality standards are met. Our skilled craftsmen and tradespeople work diligently to bring your design vision to reality, transforming your space with precision and attention to detail.
Telal InDesign understands the importance of timely project delivery. We pride ourselves on our commitment to meeting deadlines and ensuring smooth project execution. Our dedicated project managers closely monitor the progress, ensuring that every phase is completed on schedule and within budget.

Operation & Maintenance

We perform initial and primary acceptance dynamic tests, guarantee performance tests to validate the construction integrity, and confirm the delivery of the facilities in a safe, reliable, and operational condition. We provide operational training, maintenance, and technology expertise. We also provide preventive and corrective maintenance along with troubleshooting.


We monitor system performance and process frequent technical reports. We do real time monitoring through SCADA platform to forecast power production, automated report generation, notification of faults-through email and messaging. This system also supports the easier and more efficient implementation and interconnection of the power plants into the local grid. With a 24/7 monitoring process, we can minimize system interruptions in order to increase the reliability of the system, which ensures optimum yields.

Our Commitment & Involvement

Telal’s future depends on repeat business. Consequently, we approach each job with the intention that it is the beginning of a long relationship with a new customer. By emphasizing responsiveness, dependable
service, and integrity, we can provide cost-effective value, whether on a service call or working on a turnkey project.

Our involvement encompasses
all aspects of installations including


Site Assessment.


Technical Design, Energy simulation, report generation and Visual design.


Performance analysis & System monitoring


Technical and Economic feasibility analysis of the project.


Complete Electrical Design & Installation works


Switchgear Assembly and Installation


Mains Cabling & Earthing Systems.


Design & Installation in compliance with ADDC/DEWA regulations.


Off-Grid/ On-Grid Solar PV Systems