EPC Solar

Telal provides a complete range of EPC Solar services though the highly experienced Engineering & Project Management team fully complying with time, cost, safety and quality requirements of projects.

Telal offers a complete range of services for an investment project in a PV system. We can assist our clients to achieve their goals in order to maximize benefits. We make our clients’ businesses become more energy efficient, energy sustainable and cost effective.

Our engineers can integrate systems with EU standards and carry out the project supervision and implementation, monitoring, operation and maintenance. We provide our clients lifetime support for their projects. Our engineers are also DEWA certified for Shams Solar projects and are at the forefront of qualifications in the UAE


We offer end-to-end management of projects including site selection, feasibility study, business structuring, design, construction, operation, maintenance, planning, and financing of the project.

We perform preliminary analysis of the energy resource, distance to transmission and other important site factors and provide clients with development opportunities. A feasibility study is necessary to weigh all the potential risks and rewards in the development of a project.

We organize the project development, project management, engineering, procurement and construction services (EPC) of the PV plant. We supervise all the design, procurement, installation, and commissioning of the equipment during execution and guarantee the life cycle of the project.

Operation & Maintenance

We perform initial and primary acceptance dynamic tests, guarantee performance tests to validate the construction integrity, and confirm the delivery of the facilities in a safe, reliable, and operational condition. We provide operational training, maintenance, and technology expertise. We also provide preventive and corrective maintenance along with troubleshooting.


We monitor system performance and process frequent technical reports. We do real time monitoring through SCADA platform to forecast power production, automated report generation, notification of faults-through email and messaging. This system also supports the easier and more efficient implementation and interconnection of the power plants into the local grid. With a 24/7 monitoring process, we can minimize system interruptions in order to increase the reliability of the system, which ensures optimum yields.

Our Commitment & Involvement

Telal’s future depends on repeat business. Consequently, we approach each job with the intention that it is the beginning of a long relationship with a new customer. By emphasizing responsiveness, dependable
service, and integrity, we can provide cost-effective value, whether on a service call or working on a turnkey project.

Our involvement encompasses
all aspects of installations including


Site Assessment.


Technical Design, Energy simulation, report generation and Visual design.


Performance analysis & System monitoring


Technical and Economic feasibility analysis of the project.


Complete Electrical Design & Installation works


Switchgear Assembly and Installation


Mains Cabling & Earthing Systems.


Design & Installation in compliance with ADDC/DEWA regulations.


Off-Grid/ On-Grid Solar PV Systems